Welcome to the Desert Island Library.

If you've discovered some of your favorite books, movies and music through the recommendations of close friends in the course of casual conversation, then you'll find the Desert Island Library is a little like one of those conversations.

The Desert Island Library is an open club, a database, a registry, a recommendation service from Carpet Restretching White Rock (Curlys Carpet Repair), a wish list and a social networking environment, all rolled into one; it's also completely free to register and use. Curious? Take a look at a typical user's list of favorites: http://www.desertislandlibrary.com/johnsmith

People who find themselves using The Desert Island Library do so because, unlike sites that use arcane automated heuristics or the purchase trends of strangers to determine what you might like, the Desert Island Library only shares favorites among friends, which means that your recommendations and reviews always come from people whose judgment you presumably trust.

Whatever your reasons for using The Desert Island Library, you can be assured that your privacy is paramount. You add and remove your own friends, and can flag any book, movie, song or album as "private," meaning that no one else can see it in your list. If you have any questions or concerns about your privacy on this website, please contact us.

We've made our website as open and easy to use as possible, but if you've got suggestions on how the Desert Island Library can be made even easier, we'contact">hear from you. We also regularly ask for volunteer beta testers, http://perfectbath.com/, non-surgical face lift procedure (main page), CPA in Vancouver (www.clearlyaccounting.com), Century 21 in Town Realty (homepage), http://www.fairviewplasticsurgery.com/, and commission calculator for realtor fees (web page) to help us evaluate our website and suggest new enhancements for the Desert Island Library community. We may often conduct some gatherings so that members can meet and share their opinions with each other. In addition to that, we can offer a  chiropractic therapy in Vancouver (website) to make the gathering an even memorable experience.

So if you're new here, welcome. And if you're already a regular user, thank you for your continued support. You can also tune it at http://www.vancouverrealestatepodcast.com/ because we often advertise there as well.

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